What can you cut with your waterjet?
MRC Waterjet Cutting can cut nearly anything what we excel at is materials that are difficult to cut with other machines. Materials like carbon fibre and composites, thick aluminium, titanium, tool steels, ceramics industrial and tiles, foams, rubber, chromolly precious metals like copper, silver and even gold.

Where are you located?
We are in Bayswater on industry place in the middle of Bayswaters industrial area. Check our contact us page for further info.

What file type/extension do you require?
.DXF is ideal and requires little extra input from us, however we can work from samples or dimensioned drawings.

What are you main customer base?
We think everyone should have a chance to use waterjet cutting not just large orders. Our customers range from national motorsport teams, equipment manufacturers, fabricators, drone enthusiasts, tilers. everyone

Do you supply the material or can I?
This is up to you. We can source most material but also happy for you to supply

What machine are you running?
We operate a omax maximum waterjet cutter minimum 5 days a week.

Do you have a minimum order?
Yes we do but only $30 per order

Can you deliver?
Yes we can, we send products Australia wide via freight or deliver to Bayswater, Lilydale, Dandenong and surrounds just ask for a price.

How to quote or order?
Email .DXF or other dimensioned file.
Specify material including thickness
Will you supply the material or would you like us to quote that?
Receive a reply with a written quote detailing the waterjet cutting costs, material costs and time frame to order completion
Make payment via bank transfer or over the phone
Order will be processed and cut.
Your items will be ready for pick up or delivery’=

Also see our Blog Post – Quality VS Cost as this post gives good insight into the different cutting options/speeds we provide & how impacts on your pocket.